Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful Fire warms the travelers up at Willuna

Everyone needed this beautiful fire to warm us up at Wiluna because it was minus five degrees each morning way back in June 2010.

On the same morning our tables and chairs were covered with ice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stained-Glass-How to Download-Free-Stained Glass-Patterns on the internet

Starter Kits from Tracy's Glass
They also have free patterns
to download

Stained glass is such a beautiful hobby. Although it is a hobby that you will have to be careful when doing or you could end up with small splinters of glass in your fingers or if not wearing good shoes tread on some.

Sometimes the most expensive part to starting any hobby is buying the tools.  Once you have done that then you will need some new exciting patterns to start practicing with.  I would sugggest that you start simple doing things with straight cuts.  Once you feel more comfortable with that then you can move forward onto the more intricate items.

Although you as you will probably want to cut your costs, instead of spending hundreds of dollars by going out and buying all the latest books.  You can download patterns for making lamps, tarariums, mirrors, windows and all those other novelties on the net for FREE.

What could be better than Free Stained Glass Patterns?  read on to learn how to do this -

A very stormy day

Look at the red glow around the sun

Kangaroos in Rockingham in front of housing complex

A beautiful sunrise from our back fence

Foreshore at Rockingham Grain Terminal

Foreshore at Rockingham Grain Terminal

With these correllas you wouldnt need to have a lawn mower in your back yard