Sunday, July 24, 2011

We all need to be Aware of Cats Killing our Beautiful Birds

We are losing too many of our beautiful birds simply because cat owners do not take responsibility for the carnage their beloved cats are causing around our homes.  In our local newspapers the other day they stated that one cat can destroy on an average of six insects, birds etc in one night.  Therefore millions will be destroyed all over Australia in one night.  We can stop this from happening with a little bit of effort.

The stray cat is hiding waiting for the unsuspecting prey
The beautiful bird sits resting in the tree oblivious of the cat.

We all need to do our bit to avoid our cats from destroying our beautiful birds.  There are many different types of exercise runs that we can instal around our backyards to keep the cats happy with plenty of exercise and keep our birds safe from the cats in our own back yard.

A Fiery Sunset

It doesn't matter how many sunset or sunrises you take a photo of, you never appear to get two that look alike.  We could not resist catching a snap of this one.

A very stormy day

Look at the red glow around the sun

Kangaroos in Rockingham in front of housing complex

A beautiful sunrise from our back fence

Foreshore at Rockingham Grain Terminal

Foreshore at Rockingham Grain Terminal

With these correllas you wouldnt need to have a lawn mower in your back yard