Sunday, December 19, 2010

The magnificent Tiffany Lamps

It has been recorded that the first Tiffany lamp was created around 1895 which is incredible in itself as there is so much color and making one of these is not as simple as it looks.

Having said it is not easy to make one does not mean you cannot.  With the right equipment and a lot of patience anyone can make one.  Although I would suggest that you make lots of other things before trying something as magnificent and intricate as these.

Some consist of hundreds of little pieces of glass being cut out and then soldered together.  This is where the patience comes into it.  To learn more about these beautiful lamps read more

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Many ways of being creative with stained glass

Stained glass does not just mean windows. There are many ways of being creative with stained glass. Yes you can make windows, skylights, terrariums, lamp shades, door inserts or even put windows in your glass cabinets.

My husband bought this old cupboard and it really needed a lot of tender loving care. He pulled it all to pieces and rebuilt the woodwork then worked on replacing the windows as most of it was broken. So piece by piece he cut out the bits of glass and renewed each section.

You can do this with any sort of cabinets. They do not necessarily have to have been a stained glass front to start with. All you need is a pattern of your choice and size it to your requirements and start cutting and grinding each piece until they fit exactly to your pattern. Good luck I hope this will give you the incentive to get started.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our dog Playing in Pool with kids

Oyr Blue Heeler dog loves to play in the pool with the kids.  They throw it to him and he promptly bounces it back to them.  Dogs are part of the family just like the children.  They all should be allowed to interact with them.
Having said that you still have to be very wary that they do not bite anyone.  Never let a dog near your face.
This same dog in the video, give the kids a little nip (no not a bite) he just snaps his mouth.  In otherwords he is telling the kids that he has had enough.

We should all take notice of the signs that our pets give out.  Maybe then people would be less likely to be bitten.  This is not always the case though.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful Fire warms the travelers up at Willuna

Everyone needed this beautiful fire to warm us up at Wiluna because it was minus five degrees each morning way back in June 2010.

On the same morning our tables and chairs were covered with ice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stained-Glass-How to Download-Free-Stained Glass-Patterns on the internet

Starter Kits from Tracy's Glass
They also have free patterns
to download

Stained glass is such a beautiful hobby. Although it is a hobby that you will have to be careful when doing or you could end up with small splinters of glass in your fingers or if not wearing good shoes tread on some.

Sometimes the most expensive part to starting any hobby is buying the tools.  Once you have done that then you will need some new exciting patterns to start practicing with.  I would sugggest that you start simple doing things with straight cuts.  Once you feel more comfortable with that then you can move forward onto the more intricate items.

Although you as you will probably want to cut your costs, instead of spending hundreds of dollars by going out and buying all the latest books.  You can download patterns for making lamps, tarariums, mirrors, windows and all those other novelties on the net for FREE.

What could be better than Free Stained Glass Patterns?  read on to learn how to do this -

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Earn Money Writing about Stained Glass at Info Barrel

If you are interested in writing about the craft of stained glass or lead lighting then you should check out info barrel.

This is a relatively new site and its membership is growing larger and stronger every day. Their members are very friendly and willing to help you with any problems you may have whether a new member or an oldie they will help you with any problems.

What type of articles can I write?

You can write on any subject that you like it does not have to be stained glass related. If you have a hobby and would love to write and show other people how they can learn how to create things and start new hobbies then this is the place for you.

How to articles are highly sort after, as are do it yourself, earning money, woodworking, business, technology and insurance articles.

Why not join info barrel with the rest of us and start earning money by writing articles in the comfort of your own home. No it is not easy, and you will not get rich overnight, but it is something you can do in your spare time.

When you have written many articles and they mature, you will start earning money even while you are asleep. That's right while you sleep people will be searching for articles to read and may click on an advert that interests them, in doing so you will start earning money from that.

It is so simple when you think about it, so why not give it a go. If I can earn money doing this anyone can. Read other peoples articles and you will see how easy it is to do.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A very stormy day

Look at the red glow around the sun

Kangaroos in Rockingham in front of housing complex

A beautiful sunrise from our back fence

Foreshore at Rockingham Grain Terminal

Foreshore at Rockingham Grain Terminal

With these correllas you wouldnt need to have a lawn mower in your back yard